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by Bela Shehu on April 29, 2020

I made a playlist for you in April and called it APPARATUSES since the list is ministered carefully to tickle some deep spots with its variety of instruments. 

When the playlist starts, think about that love, the one that took your breath away and made you weak at the knees. Recall it in detail from memory and bring it in your now. Can you remember how the breath smelled?

I have been blindsided by a new and surprising love; with piercing details and pure in its entirety. In some fortunate circumstances I've come across folks who had these love affairs with orchids which, always made me fantasize enviously about them indulging in such pleasure. As I was meditating with my eyes open a few days ago I 'really' took in my orchids raw data. God damn this specimen is beautiful! The exchange made me feel violently effervescent and it keeps surfacing every time I engage with intent or by chance. 

I love you! I love you I love you I love you!! I love me. I love you. I love loving you. Thank you for being so lovable! How lovely to be enraptured by your beauty. Thank you!



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