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    Atom Sold Out $ 1,200.00

    4 cord + sterling silver choker Hanging bar and cross kinetic chain detail Hook and eye closure

    Sold Out
    Bebe V.3 $ 250.00

    sterling silver ring with a large 4 layer knot tied on top

    Billie Sold Out $ 280.00

    Sterling silver ring with rotating tube.

    Sold Out
    Bridges $ 240.00

    Hand forged sterling silver ring with clear acrylic square bar.

    Capozzi Sold Out From $ 195.00

    1" convertible bracelet/necklace in lamb leather with sterling silver buckle closure

    Sold Out
    Celeste $ 210.00

    Three piece statement necklace Brass suspended on a  black cord Beautifully capped at the ends

    Clash V.2 $ 310.00

    Large scrible sterling silver bead Cord tie, sterling capped Necklace, tie or bracelet

    Cleo $ 390.00

    double bent tubes with a front large jump ring

    Creede $ 370.00

    Hand forged bar sterling silver necklace Suspended on a nylon cord Beautifully capped at the ends

    Desi $ 240.00

    Reqtangular shape sterling silver with black ceramic ring.

    Echo $ 260.00

    Unique balancing earring Sterling silver Extremely lightweight

    Edison $ 260.00

    Hand forged sterling silver ring Design inspired by a whisk

    Ellen $ 240.00

    Hoop and jacket earring.

    Ellie $ 130.00

    Irregular ellipse earring with a post Hand hammered Sterling silver

    Emily On Sale $ 225.00 $ 122.50

    This bold square necklace is hand forged in brass and finished in a gold finish.  Suspended on an adjustable black cord. 

    On Sale
    Fallon Sold Out $ 290.00

    Hand forged sterling silver and black ceramic pendant.

    Sold Out
    Finola Sold Out $ 55.00

    Very thin sterling silver earrings that resemble a paper clip.

    Sold Out
    Flynn Sold Out $ 350.00

    Hand forged sterling silver necklace Can be worn as a choker or a tie Suspended on a black cord Beautifully capped at the ends

    Sold Out
    Giza $ 800.00

    Hand cut and forged ring Lightweight Delicately perforated on sides Comes polished or oxidized

    Hope $ 220.00

    Updated hoop earring with chain detail Kinetic Sterling silver

    Kalen Sterling Silver $ 280.00

    Tie bracelet/necklace Sterling silver bar detail Suspended on a black cord

    Kane $ 240.00

    Triangle shape sterling silver with black ceramic ring.

    Lee Sold Out $ 125.00

    Power line sterling silver earrings.

    Sold Out
    Luciana $ 380.00

    Hand cut earrings Sterling silver perforated disks Comes in polished or oxidized silver

    Mayer Sold Out $ 250.00

    Hand forged sterling silver tube in black nylon cord.

    Sold Out
    Mille $ 240.00

    Square shape sterling silver with black ceramic ring.

    Morris $ 130.00

    Free form sterling silver ring

    Nicole $ 240.00

    Low pyramid shape sterling silver with black ceramic ring.

    Penn $ 180.00

    Sterling silver power line pendant hung in oxidized sterling silver adjustable chain.

    Ronnie $ 320.00

    Sterling silver hand hammered choker Wear solo or stacked Comes in polished, partially oxidized and fully oxidized silver

    Rotimi $ 130.00

    4 strand wrapped wire ring

    Rotimi v.2 $ 160.00

    6 strand wrapped wire ring

    Shana Sold Out $ 290.00

    Sterling silver earring with a tube.

    Sold Out
    Toto Sold Out $ 390.00

    Sterling silver chocker with hanging tube on the back.

    Sold Out
    True $ 250.00

    Simple chunky ring "True" stamped detail Sterling silver

    Tussle $ 180.00

    Viola $ 130.00

    Sterling silver wrap ring.