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by Bela Shehu on January 26, 2022


  1. How old are you and What is your favorite riddle?

I am a 19 year old Taurus and my favorite riddle is Black Magic! I would explain it, but it would ruin the magic. If you ever run into me, ask me if anything has the magic, I'll tell you and we can all keep the magic going together.

  1. Almond, soy, milk, cream or half and half?

I like to either drink Black coffee in the morning or a quad shot latte with unsweetened almond milk before work!

  1. A few weeks ago when we were having brunch we were chatting about sleep patterns and their essential role to our well being. What I forgot to ask you is if you have ever had a reoccurring nightmare and what has looked and felt like.

I went through a lot of trauma in high school which caused me to develop recurring sleep paralysis at night and some mornings. I feel like I have fully healed since, but I vividly remember laying in my bed fully conscious but paralysed, watching dark figures walk towards my bed to hurt me and relive through the events that traumatized me. I wouldn’t wish sleep paralysis on anyone but I have developed strong emotional control from the healing process which I am grateful for.

  1. What music helps you get into your zone?

All the music! My general rule is if it makes me dance, I’m into it. My favorite genres are currently classic rock, 80s grunge, indie rock, metal, funk and the blues.

  1. Would you be open to share some of your poetry or lyrics with us?

My lyrics aren't complete without their rhythm and melodies, but here is a poem I recently wrote: 

Love looks not with the eyes 

But with the heart 

Would it be selfish of me to 

Ask you to be kinder to yourself? 

Just so I’d have the security of 

Knowing you’re okay 

My heart aches knowing you might feel alone sometimes 

The sun is alone too 

yet still shines 

The earth dances around him 

She breathes because he shines 

You are like the sun 

You burn yet yield so much light 

You may feel alone in your fire 

You don’t see the stars dancing around you 

I do.

  1. What is your escape?

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! If I'm sad, I write music. When I’m happy, I play music. When I’m burnt out, I listen to music. Music is always my answer.

  1. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from a mentor?

My mentor Natalia Charova taught me to never say I can’t, because if you can’t, then you won’t. There have been hundreds of things that I have done that I thought I couldn't do just because Natalia made sure that I never said “I can’t”.

. From our conversations I’ve gathered you’ve had a very unique upbringing. How would you describe your parents? 

My parents are my favorite people in the world. My dad, Jason Corosanite, is an inventor in simple terms, often coined as the Elon Musk of Philadelphia, he is truly the most intelligent and creative person I know. He is a jack of all trades, just a few of his hobbies include learning new instruments, creating gourmet pastries, chocolate and gelato, roasting coffee, working with drones and robots, photography and studying everything from space and history to hospitality and business. Today, I’m proud to say that my dad not only a retired chiropractor and health expert but the Co-Founder, Apple Distinguished Educator and High Level Disruptor at String Theory Schools and a Gelato Master, ranked #58 in the world. My dad is the reason why I’m crazy, he showed me from a very early age that I could do anything if I worked for it. 

My mother, Dana Corosanite, is the most beautiful soul. Regardless of her timeless beauty and breathtaking posture at 5’11”, she is the most selfless, joyful and intelligent person. From my momma, I’ve learnt the simple joy in life. My mother was the valedictorian of her class and graduated with her doctorate in Chiropractic at 21, only a few years before having me. In addition to being extremely intelligent and a very quick learner, she is a total badass and could easily kick almost anyone’s ass. As a kid, my mom always spent time creating with me and showing me that life is a gift. She is a simple woman who loves rock music just as much as me and has mastered the balance of being my mother and friend. My mother is happiest with a sudoku puzzle book and hot tea and has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life too. She knows me better than anyone and will always save me when I get myself in trouble which I could never repay her for. My mother is also hilarious and quite expressive, there is never a dull moment with her and I can’t wait for the adventures we’ll go on. 

  1. I am thrilled I know you and I look forward to an exciting experience together! Thank you for satisfying some of our curiosity!

Thank you!!


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