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Over here, we think about ways to better educate future designers as often as we think about having another cup of coffee. 

Which is to say: constantly.

So we were struck by this incredibly thorough and thought-provoking piece by Kam Dhillon about breaking down the complexities of the fashion supply chain in order for students to truly understand its scope.

In a sweeping array of questions, from how to create more accessible lingo for fashion newbies to how to meticulously uncover every step of a fabric’s journey, Dhillon calls on experienced practitioners to turn ‘supply chain’ from a dirty word (AKA: “boring”) into a compelling story about true sustainability practices. 

The bottom line, as represented in Dhillion’s writing style, is that we must “question everything.”

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If you like the look of a particular fabric, then ask the supplier how it was made, how much water and energy was used, how much waste was produced and what chemicals was it treated with,” wrote Dhillon.

If it's cotton, is it part of the better cotton initiative? Is it organic, or is it GMO? Knowing where it was farmed will also give you an insight into who is likely to be picking the fibre, how and under what conditions. Where was the fabric finished, where was it spun, woven or knitted, and where was it printed or embellished will also give you an indication of the carbon footprint.” 

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There’s so much more to question, so read the full piece here. Meanwhile, we’ll be pouring ourselves another cup of joe while we think about how to best tell our own sustainability story.


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