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by Magdalena Becker on February 10, 2022

On Being a Hermit
I know the heart of the Hermit
Is a heart war torn
Beaten and downtrodden
A resource tattered and scattered
Used up then left aside

Outside life progresses on

Crawling away, hiding within
Recluse like in darkened internal dens
Withdrawing from the poisons
Of a venomous world

In solitude healing begins

The battle scars reflect
Days once lived in belief and faith
Offering up compassion and love
To those whom choose to only fear

Alone time stands still

Turn off the chatter of a wounded heart
Live a life apart from all the winds
Forgiving forgetting the Terrors of life
Rebuild a spirit that is strengthened
From within

Love is the visceral elixir of faith

The Hermit becomes wise
Beyond thoughts, beyond body
Knowing that to be alone within and without
Heals the tortured soul so that
Wisdom can be born

Come out

By: Maryanne Mesplé
Handcut and made with intention in Philadelphia, PA. From 100% wool to utility cotton from Italy, each garment holds space for you and your activities, whether it be a long flight or a snug day at home. We’ve used zippers to help you create a seamless transformation, from productivity to pleasure. Retreat into oneself with the Hermit Capsule Collection. You deserve the solitude, we promise.

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