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by Annmarie Naples on October 07, 2020

What if, in creating all that we do, we first, considered all of the systems that bring our creations from thoughts and dreams to reality?

And then, after that consideration, what if we were to design to not only not harm in creating, but also to lift those very systems that create?

What if, in those considerations we include climate change and global environmental impact, as well as real life economic insecurity, food insecurity, healthcare, and childcare for a particular subset in more dire need: the single, working mothers who work to design and manufacture our goods.

 naja women's lingerie for all sizes made by women

We’ve found Naja to be our source of inspiration in these considerations. While a young company, they were ahead of their time in this work. In design and production of lingerie, as well in its marketing, they’re considering from start to finish, each system that touches their product and which it touches, including all of the earth and human systems.

Naja employees single women and female heads of households, pays above market wages, provides healthcare AND flexible work schedules as well as stipends for education for children of employees as well as a funding for food programs for those children - just for starters.

They use sustainable environmental printing processes for their products, but what is of most interest to us in these environmental considerations is their Zero Waste Program which takes scrap fabric that would have gone to landfills, and makes use of it in unique, small-batch lingerie pieces.

Our world is in a state of terrible state of systemic panic and upheaval.  This presents an interesting opportunity: maybe now is the perfect opportunity; maybe now is the time we pause to consider how, why and by what methods we create our goods.  And maybe we look to Naja for inspiration to that end.  Maybe?
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by meredith schnoll on November 09, 2020

Thank you for sharing…..


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