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by Ben Hodes on December 31, 2020

Fusing the gaps between imagination and reality, the Rittenhouse fashion atelier, NINObrand, struts the West Philadelphia streets in its art collaboration with SEAN 9 LUGO. Part of Sean’s Clones of Illadelph series, this particular piece dubbed “On the Cat Walk”, takes NINObrand’s familiar models and stylized them with Sean’s signature bear mask. The Clones of Illadelph is a collection of prints depicting Sean's contemporaries and friends from the city, put up all over the city, paying homage to what they do best. It is a way of not only giving back to them but to the city that has shown him nothing but love since his arrival. Bela’s representation could be found outside a small café right by Cedar Park. The three lovely bears all are suited up in the latest NINObrand garments, and as a nod to Bela, in the most current and recognizable designer footwear. While the weather is still nice make sure to take a trip up Baltimore Ave and see the bears in action!  


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