Great news for all of you diligent hand-washing, social distancing mask-wearers — now there’s virus protection for your clothes.

It’s called Ruco-Bac AGP. And although it sounds like a children’s cough medicine or a Dow Jones trading symbol, it’s actually a huge breakthrough in textile innovation.




Ruco-Bac AGP is the most comprehensive antibacterial and antiviral textile finishing solution to date. Developed by the Rudolf Group in Germany, Ruco-Bac AGP’s antimicrobial capabilities are rooted in the unique properties of silver (a centuries-old treatment for microbial infection, before the invention of antibiotics) which are mounted on proprietary microstructures for strength and efficacy.

In human speak: when applied to textiles, it protects against bacteria and viruses without harming your skin or wearing off in the wash. Also, a little goes a long way, which is great from a sustainability perspective.

Ruco-Bac AGP’s protective powers are only relevant to the textile to which it is applied. So while it won’t stop you from contracting Covid-19, it can help stop the transmission of a virus that lands on your clothing. 

Some fashion execs believe the ideal scenario would be seeing a product like Ruco-Bac AGP applied to heavily shared textiles, such as airline seat cushions and gym equipment. Time will tell. But hopefully not too much time!

Read more about the science and innovation of Ruco-Bac AGP.

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