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by Eli Eisenman on February 18, 2021

Over a Billion animals are killed for their skin every year; here’s how you can help. 

Make the switch over to vegan fashion and you can help bring us closer to a cruelty-free fashion industry, as well as create a more sustainable lifestyle. With the modern textile capabilities we have now anyone can go vegan and still look their best. 

Innovative textile companies have found ways to leathers that are both environmentally sustainable and look good. Pinatex, a pineapple-based fibre, uses the waste leaves of pineapple plants to create a leather-like textile. Not only do textiles like Pinatex have very small initial impact, but they are also easily recyclable meaning they have almost no ecological footprint! Pinatex fabrics have great performance, are super versatile, and completely cruelty-free. This textile is growing in popularity with many brands taking on Pinatex as a leather substitute, Hugo Boss made an entire line of pinatex-based shoes. Other plant based leather substitutes have also emerged like Adriano DI Marti's Desserto which is a vegan leather made from cactus. Another player is Vegea, which makes plant based alternatives to not only leather but also many synthetic petroleum-based fabrics as well. 

And before you say that vegan clothing is too difficult to find or that it breaks the bank, just listen here. According to Edited, a top retail data company, the amount of vegan apparel and accessories online have doubled since 2018. That makes vegan clothing one of the fastest growing sectors in the fashion industry. Even better, many vegan textiles are cheaper than their animal-based equivalents. On average, vegan leather, skirts, outerwear, and trousers are more than three times cheaper than their alternatives. 

ENDA, a New York based  womenswear brand by Japanese designer Ran Enda, has vegan fashion at its core. Founded in 2015, ENDA has always been completely sustainable and cruelty-free! For ENDA vegan fashion isn’t just about where they source their fabrics, but also the entire supply-chain to create the end product. Most of their products are made out of Cupro, a cotton-waste regenerated fabric that is eco-friendly and comfortable. None of their materials are mass-farmed or use cruel labor. After production, all of their products are sent in a completely plastic-free bag. 

Vegan fashion isn’t just about not using animal-based products, its about creating completely ethical fashion.


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